5 Great Things about Writing

I love writing.  I love to read, too, but when I read (or when I watch TV or see a movie, which is essentially writing put in motion), I’m always looking to see what works about the story and what doesn’t, and how I can use that information in my own writing.   Every written word is an opportunity to learn something. 

I spent the better part of the weekend writing.  I got nothing done in the house, and I feel guilty about that, but when it comes down to it, I have to remind myself that I was productive.  How often do I spend that much time writing?  Really, on average, it’s not much.  The Muse only whacks me upside the head every so often; when she calls, I have to listen.  (To not listen gets her ticked off at me and she clams up, and I do NOT want that to happen.)  I’ve been shushing her for so long, between the house-hunt, moving, settling in, etc., that this past week it only seemed fair to give her some of my time as well.

It’s been wonderful.  Last night after the lights went out, I had more ideas running through my head, and I had to reach for my notepad and scribble them down before I fell asleep and forgot them.  Been there before; it must be what it feels like to drive away from the grocery store, realizing that you left your food back in the shopping cart.  You know it’s gone and you’re not getting it back.  (And those donuts looked SOOOO good…)

Anyway, while I’m enjoying this period of glorious creativity, I thought I’d share the feeling:

1.  Catharsis.  Writing is very much a catharsis.  There are times I hear dialog or plots or scenes screaming in my head, punctuated with “Write this down, stupid!”  And I do.  It’s a lot like needing to use the bathroom but there isn’t one around and you go store to store, looking for a place to go, and when you do…  <sigh>  (I hope you weren’t eating just now.  Otherwise, grow up people; we’re all humans.) 

2.  Fun.  My current WIP is turning into a romantic comedy, and I never in a million years thought I could write something like that.  I certainly didn’t plan on it, but here it is.  I’ve laughed a few times as the story progresses.  I hope readers will too.  (I’ll post a sample in my Excerpts tab.) 

3.  Revenge.  Someone pissed you off?  Bad driving, lazy/ignorant co-worker, mean boss, ex-spouse?  All of the above?  Make him/her into a character everyone can hate.  Just try not to use his/her real name.  People get mad when you do stuff like that, and then lawyers get involved, and it’s not pretty. 

4.  Passion.  I always feel alive when I’m writing.  I feel alive at other times too, but when I’m writing, I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do. 

5.  Emotion.  I’m a very emotional person by nature.  I cried at Budweiser commercials during the SuperBowl.  (Only the ones with the Clydesdales; the rest…eh.)  Being able to put my emotions down on paper (or computer screen) is such a relief.  I’ve heard good writing described as “bleeding onto the page”.  It’s not as painful as you think, and yet, it’s more painful.  Opening up a vein, pouring your frazzled nerves out into a character’s feeling and dialog.  There’s nothing like it, and I want to do it all the time.

Off to write some more.