5 Favorite Movie Lines

Last night I was happily writing a scene, minding my own business, when the scene ended and I had no idea what to write next.  Not the dreaded “B” (block”), but I was tired and I’d gotten a lot of pages done in a short amount of time, so I guess the idea font ran temporarily dry.  It happens. 

This morning I woke up with Dory’s line from “Finding Nemo” in my head:  “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”  With that in mind, I could be putting my copyright-infringing foot in my mouth but I need to stay away from thoughts of food (and mocha), so here are 5 of my favorite movie lines (with great appreciation to IMDB.com):

1.  Office Space:  “We get caught laundering money, we’re not going to white-collar resort prison. No, no, no. We’re going to federal POUND ME IN THE ASS prison. ”

2.  The Bucket List:  “Here’s something to remember when you’re older, Thomas – never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on, and never trust a fart. ”

3.  The Abyss: “Goddammit, you bitch! You never backed away from anything in your life! Now fight! Fight! Fight!”

4.  Bull Durham:  “This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”  (I had a hard time picking a single quote from this movie.  I’ve seen it so many times, and we quote it around the house so often, that I want to send “Release Point” to Ron Shelton to see if he’s interested.)

5.  Field of Dreams:  “We would’ve played for meal money.”

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Movie Lines

  1. Hmmmm…

    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.”

    “Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help, help, I’m being repressed!”

    “There can be only ONE!”

    “Luke, I am your father.” (Okay, this was tied with: “Help me, Obi Wan. You’re my only hope.”)

    And for today:
    “Thursday! It can’t be! It’s too gruesome!” 🙂

  2. OMG, I almost forgot “Highlander”! 🙂 LOVED that movie! I still think the best part was the flashback in Scotland when the wife dies and Queen plays in the background, “Who Wants to Live Forever”. If that doesn’t bring you to tears, nothing will.

    And of course “The Princess Bride” is another that’s endlessly quotable.

    I forgot another one from “Steel Magnolias”: “You know what they always say. If you can’t say something nice, come sit by me.”

    Or the scene in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”: “Why did God paint you?” “Allah loves wondrous variety.”

    There’s a line in “Raising Arizona” that’ll make you fall on the floor laughing but you have to see it to really get the impact. Just imagine the HUGE, deep-voiced wrestler named Zeus saying, “Well, sometimes I get the menstrual cramps real bad.”

    Or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”: “I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind.” Or, “Sooner or later, everyone goes to the zoo.”

    Another favorite; take a guess where this came from: “You. Are. A. Toy!” “You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell!”

    I’ll have to do that next time; put in the quotes and have people guess the movies. Or name the movies and have people give quotes. Or find something new to talk about. 🙂

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