5 Favorite Songs on my WIP’s Playlist

You already know how I feel about Bruce Springsteen’s “Working on a Dream” (which I played again this morning).  Here are 5 more I’ve played a lot lately while I’m trying to get a feel for the story.

1.  Joshua Radin, “Brand New Day”.  I “lifted” it from “House” on Monday night; it played at the end of the show and I was at the computer by the commercial break, looking for it.  As it turns out, Fox’s website posts the songs played during the episode.  Mostly not-top-40 stuff but very good.  I like to believe they’re giving new and emerging artists a break.  As far as my WIP is concerned, for Liz it’s a brand new day when she realizes she’s in love with Gabriel.  (I haven’t gotten to that part yet but I’m looking forward to it.) 

2.  Josh Groban, “Ave Maria”.  I can’t put my finger on why this one hit me the way it did.  Maybe it’s because Gabriel is a teacher in a Catholic school, and he’s around nuns most of the day (his “mentor” is Sister Louise, or Lou as he calls her).  That, and I think there’s a spiritual aspect to what he feels for Liz.  Now that I think about it, it’s almost Madonna-like (and I’m not talking about the Madonna with the bleach blonde hair and cone-shaped bustier).

3.  Enrique Iglesias, “Hero”.  Please, this is a romance novel about a guy who writes romance novels.  Tell me that wasn’t a no-brainer. 

4.  Lulu, “To Sir With Love”.  The antagonist is a teenager who’s got an obsessive crush on Gabriel.  Not to mention, we sang this at my high school graduation. 

5.  Van Halen, “Top of the World”.  When Liz is finished restoring her ’69 Chevelle SS, she’s going to take it out on the highway for a spin.  She hadn’t planned on it; her intention is to finish it up and sell it, and then invest the money from the sale in a shop of her own.  But Gabe convinces her to take it out on the road, just once.  She pops a CD in the deck (yes, it’s not factory equipment; so sue me) and this comes on, and with the windows open and the warm summer breeze, and sitting beside a man she trusts, she’s never felt this free.  I got the idea from driving across the PA Turnpike connector bridge on a Friday night, and this came on my stereo as I was at the apex of the bridge.  I.  Loved.  It.  So much so that I wanted Liz to share that experience  with Gabe.  It’s one of her turning points. 

There’s 65 songs on my playlist but I won’t share them all.  Maybe later, after the story is over.  Hopefully by then I’ll be looking around the corner for the next big idea. 

Have a happy weekend!


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