5…Things about Facebook

I can’t quite find an adjective to describe Facebook.  After much heel-dragging, I just signed on Thursday.  Laura warned me that it’ll suck time away from me like I wouldn’t believe but did I listen?  For a while.  Now I’m not sure if I’m regretting it.  Hence, 5…Things about Facebook:

1.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  I sat there on Saturday, telling myself “I’ll take a shower at 10”, but 10 passed, then 10:30, and by 10:45 I was in a panic state because I only went on FB to see if I had any waiting messages.  I did.  There went the morning.

2.  I found friends I haven’t talked to in 20 years.  Andrea and I were best friends in middle school (intermediate school for us Staten Islanders) and Shabeena and I were best friends through high school, started on day 1.  We lost touch over the last few years, but we found each other on Facebook.  I’m also making contact with other classmates and friends (hey Stevie! How’s the wedding plans?) and I forgot how much fun they were. 

3.  Most of my RWA chapter is on Facebook, so several conversations got started.  It’s like having a meeting without leaving the comforts of home. 

4.  I looked up my old boyfriends.  ‘Nuf said.  (No, I didn’t Friend him.)

5.  Yet another source of email, via Friend messages.  Like I needed another one?  Oh heck, you can’t have too much email.  🙂  Well, actually, if you saw the size of my emailbox…?  I used to clean it out regularly to keep it down to 25 items.  Now I’d like to get under 100.

I can’t recommend going there because if you’re easily addicted, you’ll probably never leave.  In my mind, Facebook ranks right up there with YouTube as biggest time-sucks on the net.  Uh, and Ravelry, and KnitPicks, and Lion Brand Yarn’s Pattern Finder, and blog-reading.  If I could get the internet to make me a grilled cheese sandwich and pour me a lemonade, I’d never leave the house. 

Hey, at least it’s CLEAN fun, right?