5 Good Things about Dentist Appointments

Yes there are good things about dentist appointments.  I’ll tell you why after my 5 things:

1.  Walking out of the office.

2.  Waving goodbye to the dentist.

3.  Chatting with the receptionist after the appointment is over.

4.  Letting my son dig in the “goodie box” after his appointment.

5.  Knowing my teeth are in decent shape ’til the next visit.

I had my crown fitted yesterday.  The inside of my mouth feels like raw hamburger.  I suspect when the drill starts sawing away at the tooth and the old filling, there’s no way to prevent the bits from scattering like shrapnel all over the inside of my mouth.  That, and to get the fitting done involves wrapping a string around where the crown will go, in order to get a proper fitting crown.  This involves shoving the existing gum tissue out of the way, and mine wasn’t too happy about this.  Even the hygienist said it was bleeding “a lot more than usual”.  (I’m a bleeder when it comes to my mouth.  Just watch me floss.  It’s like a cheap Freddie Krueger remake.)  Needless to say, when Dr. Sara said I could take Motrin for pain, I picked some up on the way home and took it in the car, even though I didn’t have any water on hand.  Unfortunately I took it on an empty stomach, which resulted in a bad stomach for the rest of the night.  Was it worth it?  Hard to say.  I’m looking forward to having all this done and over with so that I’ll only have to go for regular visits once in a while.  Until then, these are the only teeth I get; I have to take care of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. Sara and Donna and Diane, the hygienists.  I wonder what their lives are like, knowing people would rather be audited than visit them.  They do everything they can to make the experience as pleasant as possible, and I give them a lot of credit for that.  More power to you, ladies.  If you can turn a dentist appointment into a fun day, you’re stronger than I will ever be.  🙂