And Now, For Something Completely Different

I need to drop a note of congratulations here, along with a hefty word of gratitude.  Last night, being night 3 of my 5 days off, I stayed up past midnight—a feat rarely accomplished since I turned 40—to check on the incoming Sheila Contest entries.  Robin Kaye and I are the contest coordinators, and the deadline was last night at midnight.  For a while there, after the contest opened up in January, I thought, “No way in this economy are we going to get more than 100 entries.”  We got 116 entries last year but that was then, this is now.  Who’s got $30 to drop on the vague hope that they MIGHT get read by an editor?  (So says the woman who’s already entered The Marlene and the GH, and will be entering NJRW’s contest the moment they announce that it’s open.  Not quite Contest Slut material, but I’m working on it.) 

Anyway, I had hoped we’d top 116 entries but I didn’t expect to, so imagine my surprise when we’re 20 minutes from deadline and 4 entries short of 116.  Tick, tick, tick.  Flash-forward to 12:01 when our very last entry straggles in, and our new total is 118 entries!  A new record!  We can honestly say that even in spite of the current economy (or maybe because of it; people are “desperate”, I’ve been told, to get read by an editor), we outdid ourselves.

Major huzzah to Laura Graham-Booth, without whom this contest success would not be possible.  She came up with the idea of going electronic (save those trees!), which we took a step farther this year and went all-electronic.  She also put the VFRW website together and developed the entry process for the contest.  She is the goddess of the computer keyboard and one of my favorite knitters of all time. 

Also a thoroughly hearty round of applause for Robin.  Sure, she was buckling under deadlines, but she was always there when we had a “what do you think of this?” situation to present her with. 

Let us not forget Judi Fennell, cheering us on from the sidelines, (probably) all the while worrying, “What have I done?  I’ve put our chapter’s future in the hands of those two?  Yeesh!” 

And last but never least, our five category coordinators (Anna, Teresa, Andi, Leslie and Jen!) who will be picking up the baton and carrying it through the first round.  Whatever you need, ladies, I’m here.  Unless, of course, I’m not here, but I promise I’ll be back.  At some point.  Probably.  Yeah, definitely maybe. 

Anyone want to take bets on breaking 118 next year?  🙂


8 thoughts on “And Now, For Something Completely Different

  1. Major congrats! As former ‘The Sheila’ contest chairperson for two consecutive years, your post brings back memories of many nail-biting nights. Here’s a toast to success! *clinks coffee cup since it’s still morning.*

    Best–Adele Dubois

  2. Wait a minute – I NEVER said that!

    Hell, I never say “Yeesh!”


    Seriously, thank you all for your wonderful and hard work in making this contest a success. And thank you too, to the wonderful people who have gone before who have helped create The Sheila’s great reputation. I gratefully appreciate everyone’s contribution.

  3. Good point, Judi. I hope we can live up to the reputation again! You and Adele and Lois and Gail and everyone have set the bar high!

    Okay, so I’m the one who says “yeesh!” 🙂

  4. Great news about the Sheila. As a former category coordinator and finalist, I can attest that this is a great contest. Thanks to Carla and Robin for doing such a great job of coordinating.

    Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi

  5. I have to give all the credit to Carla and Laura. They have spearheaded the contest and I’ve been here for what seems more like moral support. I do promise though, after March 6th, to earn my keep as co-chair–not that Carla and Laura need me.

    Thanks for being so wonderful and understanding.

    Hugs…Robin 🙂

  6. Yes, here’s to Carla and Robin and Judi and all the category coordinators, former coordinators, and VFRW members who work so hard to run (and *judge*) this contest. I stayed up last night, too, and I agreed with Carla that we wouldn’t get as many entries as last year. Wow, sometimes it’s sweet to be wrong!!

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