Back in the Swing

Another day, another adventure.  I was late leaving the house this morning because Alex needed help with the homework he didn’t do last night, but in the grand scheme, I didn’t mind.  Seeing him figure out how to answer the questions on his own made it worthwhile.  That, and the proud smile on his face when I told him he had the right answer.  He still beats on himself when he gets the answers wrong, but I suspect he got that trait from me. 

Lots to do today.  More work on the Sheila contest (got judges?), and I want to consolidate my notes for my WIP, since I’ve been jotting notes all over creation.  There are some good ideas in there, I just need to remind myself where they are.  I also want to focus on fine-tuning Release Point in the blessed event I get a call from the GH committee.  Right now, if I got a request for a full, I’d be SOL because it’s really not ready.  I was kind of counting on Murphy’s Law to make that dream of a request a reality.  So far even Murphy’s dropped the ball.  It’s been odd, though.  I opened Release Point last night and edited the first 15 pages, which now make a lot more sense, but when I had some time to think this morning, my mind went back to the WIP (Gabriel’s Angel), not Release Point.  It’s like RP is totally out of my imagination, and I have to work on it on a surface level.  Of course, I did write it 2 years ago.

Then there’s that pesky little thing called a day job. 

So far 42’s not a bad thing.  I played slot machines ’til I was down $55 but then my luck turned–I think the computers remembered, “Hey, it’s her birthday and she’s old; be nice to her”–and I walked out with $13 more than I had when I walked in.  In my mind, that’s a win. 

And now, back to Disney.