R.I.P., Officer Pawlowski


Something about this case just hits a nerve with me.  Maybe it’s the senselessness of it.  Maybe it’s the fact that the suspect has multiple prior convictions and yet the creep was still on the streets to take the life of a police officer.  Maybe it’s the fact that John Pawlowski was too young (25) and he has a baby on the way, and he’ll never get to meet that baby, and that baby will never know his/her father.   The widow he leaves behind won’t get to hold his hand as they grow old together.

Lee Lofland has a Friday segment called “Fallen Heroes”, and he mentioned Officer Pawlowski too:  http://www.leelofland.com/wordpress/   I’ll have to ask what the radio sign was for off duty, but Officer Pawlowski can rest in peace now.  He’s off duty.  I hope the guy that killed him goes under the jail, not in it.