Moving Right Along

Two days of personal psychological crisis ended in a rather large family crisis yesterday, which ballooned into absolute fury over the bureaucracy at the school district (it’s a long, ugly story that ends in complete cowardice on the part of a school district official, and me emailing the local newspaper and threatening legal action), but now I think I’m calm again.  They say depression is anger turned inward, and yesterday I turned it outward in a big way, but nothing compared to this morning.  I’ve vented my spleen; all is well. 

Just goes to show, don’t ever get on my bad side.  Even I should know better than that.  🙂

Many hugs and thanks to Laura for calming me down.  We’d be dangerous if we lived closer (but the local yarn stores and the Starbucks’ would be SO delighted!).

One thought on “Moving Right Along

  1. If we lived closer, Starbucks and the LYS would be delighted AND the economy would be back on track. Our husbands, on the other hand, would probably have to resort to locking us in our respective basements…

    You’re all right, sister!

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