The right side of my face is numb.  I didn’t know when I went to get my crown put in this morning that she’d be doing a filling too.  It’s probably better this way, or I’d have gotten nervous over it.  It seems I needed an extra dose of novocaine, though, because at one point the cold air from the drill made me, let’s just say, a little uncomfortable.  All seems to be okay now, except it’s almost lunchtime and I still can’t feel my nose or my lips.  Since I don’t want to chew half my face off, I may have to put off lunch for a while. 

I had a debate with a friend of mine about a career in writing.  Lately we’ve both been feeling discouraged and we both said we gave a lot of thought to quitting writing.  As it turns out, we both started new projects on the same day.  Quitting?  What’s that?  🙂  It’s disheartening to write for an audience of one, but what choices do we have?  I even have one project I need to edit and another I want to finish, but this newest one would not leave me alone.  I’m kind of glad, because I like it.  It’s a totally different direction and it’s not even remotely romance, so we’ll have to see where it takes me. 

Dr. Sara said the plant I brought her as a thank-you (a white gardenia) bloomed once and the bloom was so fragrant that it made the whole waiting room smell nice.  She said there are lots more blooms ready to open, and she can’t wait to find out how that will smell.  I guess I did one good thing. 

Baby that I am, I’m wondering, when I finally get the feeling back in my face, is it going to turn out that this thing hurts?  Eeek…