Racing Hearts

I have a lot going on today. I finally got our stuff together to get our taxes done.  We need that money to get new windows and a new driveway.  Next week a sales rep comes to give us an estimate on the cost of the new windows, and we’d probably like to get a new front door too.  (Something a little more energy-efficient that doesn’t require 2 keys to unlock.)  I panicked when I couldn’t find a way to get through to Caesar’s Palace to get their tax ID number until I noticed it was on the slip they gave me with my winnings.  Well, duh.  And I can’t find any records of our tax rebate check last year.  I have to assume it was $1800 but I’m not sure.  Oh yeah, and last year’s tax forms would be a good thing to bring with me, wouldn’t they?  (Now where did I leave those…?)

I’m going to the VFRW editor/agent panel in the afternoon.  I’m afraid the query I sent in January is going to get ripped to shreds because I rewrote it after I got a request for a partial, and the new query is a lot better.  At least, I’d like to think it is.  I haven’t sent it anywhere yet.  Hopefully I’ll learn enough at the seminar to get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  The problem is that I fret too much about having a query that will catch an agent’s/editor’s attention, or a synopsis that will bowl someone over, when it should really be about having a terrific story.  The problem with that is, if the query and the synopsis aren’t good, that’s two strikes against the story before anyone even lays eyes on it.  Ryan Howard hits better on an 0-2 count; I hope I can do the same.

After that, John’s bringing the boys to where the seminar is, and I’m driving them to NJ for their visitation weekend.  The weekend is mostly open after that, except for some minor housework I want to get done.  But just to get to that point, my heart is racing.  Too much to think about all at once. 

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.