Absentee Blogging

Two days, no posts?  Yeah, I know, I’ve been truant.  Sorry!  But I’ve been thick in rewrites for Release Point since Friday and it’s been going well.  An agent showed some interest and I want to be sure this puppy SHINES.  I skipped all TV (except the bottom of the 9th in the WBC US/Puerto Rico game) and didn’t even knit a stitch last night.  It’s a lucky thing the boys’ dinners are patterned or I’d be in trouble.  My mind is elsewhere but lately it also seems the Universe is cheering me on.  This morning I turned on the radio as I got dressed—my usual routine—and it played 2 songs from my Release Point playlist, one of which pointed me in the direction in which I need to change the plot. 

The funny thing is that a week ago I was debating hanging up my keyboard, as was my friend Robin.  We were commiserating, bemoaning the lack of any sort of good news in our writing careers, when I got the request and she found out she’s a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel contest.  (Go look for “Rules of the Road”; trust me, you won’t be disappointed!)  We both needed this SO much!! 

Anyway, RP is very close to ready, which will be a WONDERFUL thing!  Back to the grindstone!!