I’m still here

Still busy with my project. Matter of fact, I’m down to the last scene on the last page, and I’m dodging having to finish it because that would mean, well, the story’s officially over.  That’s what I keep telling myself, but I’ve finished different incarnations of this manuscript at least 4 times already.  The only difference is, this time really feels like IT.  The End.  The motivation works, the bad guy is a really bad guy (and I’m hoping no one sees it early on; the obvious bad guy is a red herring), and there’s even a theme:  HOME.  He had it and lost it; she thought she had it but she was wrong.  It wasn’t until they came together that they found what they needed the most. 

I’m even considering changing the title from Release Point to No Place Like Home (but that’s been done a few hundred times already).  Maybe “Long Way Home”?  I like the ring of that, but yesterday I was “channeling the universe”, as it were, when I came upon a t-shirt in the boys section of WalMart.  It had a picture of a baseball, glove, and home plate, and beneath it was “No Place Like Home”, and I got that old 2×4-between-the-eyes feeling again.  I love it when that happens. 

Okay, back to work.  Yay!


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