Quotable Quotes

I don’t usually have coffee first thing in the morning, but we were out of instant (John has instant at home in the mornings, I have green tea) so John, being the sweetheart that he is, made a pot of real coffee.  I don’t know how I ever got through Mondays before I discovered coffee.  (Mind you, my coffee is jacked up; I pour the cup, then add GFIC mocha flavoring, which is meant to be enjoyed as coffee on its own; fill a cup with hot water, add mocha, stir and enjoy.  I’m stirring coffee mix into actual, full-caf coffee.  Yes, I was bouncing off the walls this morning, why do you ask?)

Anyway, I think between the coffee, the coming new moon, and redisccovering some great music on iTunes, I must’ve been a little hyper-emotional this morning.  Seinfeld last week replayed the episode with Elaine’s father, the one where George can’t get “Master of the House” from Les Miserables out of his head.  This inspired me to pull out the soundtrack.  The real version of “Master of the House” didn’t quite hit John the same way it hit George, but in looking over the songs, I remembered how intense the finale was, so I downloaded it to my iPod to listen to it again.  And then I forgot about it. 

This morning, fully dosed up on high-test caffeine, I put the iPod on in the car and the Les Mis finale came on.  The crescendo usually gives me chills anyway, but before that, when Jean ValJean is dying and he sings, “Does Cozette forbid me now to die?  I’ll obey; I will try”, it tapped on a nerve because once I’m finished reading through “Release Point” one last time, I’m moving on to complete “Worlds Apart”.  (My Book in a Week project; 55K words are down already but it needs to be fleshed out more.)  Luke is dead when the story begins, but at the end, he has to let Kate go on to live her life. 

That line from Les Mis that I mentioned above wasn’t what hit me, though.  I was driving in to work with tears streaming down my face when I heard this:

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” 

Maybe it loses its impact without the harmony or the angelic voices singing as Jean ValJean fades into the afterlife, but lines like that are why I will keep writing as long as I possibly can.

Or until the Golden Heart calls on Wednesday, when as Brooks & Dunn sang, “My phone ain’t ringing; is it you ain’t calling?”  But if (WHEN!) Robin and Laura get a call, I’ll be happier for them than I might’ve been for me.  Promise!


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