Hi Ho Silver!

Well, I’m back on that horse again.  I was down in the dumps for a few days following the Golden Heart calls (of which I was not a recipient), but I also had to focus on the revisions and final read-through of “Release Point”, which I think is about all that kept me from hanging up my PaperMate for good.  Last night, out of nowhere, I remembered that if I don’t believe in me first, who will?  I’m bringing about this negative energy by perpetuating it and allowing it to take over my emotions.  If I focus on positive energy and “I can do this”, it can happen.  Karma. 

So today’s the new Big Day.  I’m sending out a full submission, by request, and I’m telling myself that not only will this book sell but it will sell BIG.  And while that’s going on, I’m moving on to finishing up “Worlds Apart”.  I’ve been looking forward to it, particularly since I can’t get the Jude Cole song of the same name out of my head.  (I swear, it’s there every single morning.  I suspect the hero, Luke Holliday, is trying to tell me something.)  When that’s done, then I can go back to the other unfinished works in progress.  I’ve missed Gabe and Liz’s fun banter, and Nola and Calvin will be fascinating to meet.

And no, there’s no baseball whatsoever in “Worlds Apart”.  Luke used to play high school football, but that’s where the sports reference ends.  Sorry to disappoint anyone. 

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty “Hi Ho Silver!” Away!