The World Keeps Turning

I didn’t get much writing/editing done over the weekend, but the 5 hour drive to Rochester had a lot to do with that.  Still, the weekend was gorgeous and the drive wasn’t all rainy, and when we got home, it was like we brought the sunny weather back with us.  That is, until the monsoon from Reading blew through, but we were fortunate.  No hail.  (I’ll never forget driving through a storm with hail the size of golf balls pounding my then 3-month-old car.  Some of the dents are still visible in the hood.) 

Alas, the world keeps on turning.  I’m counting the hours ’til Friday, since I’m taking off next week while the boys are home from school.  So much for time off; I’ve already scheduled 2 doctor’s appointments, a mammogram, and 2 driving trips.  🙂  But if I don’t have to get up at 5:30, it’s still a holiday to me.