The tenor of my day went up exponentially when I found out that ABC is airing “Cupid” tonight at 10:00 p.m. 

The original version of “Cupid”, starring Jeremy Piven, was one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer in the first place.  I.  Loved.  That.  Show.  And I was equally heartbroken when it was yanked off the air before it really had a chance to catch on.  How anyone could not like the brilliant, rapid-fire dialog between Cupid and Claire, I have no idea, but I’m excited to see that the same producer from 11 years ago is on the project again.  (Rob Thomas; no, not the Rob Thomas who sang, “Little Wonders”.  At least, I’m assuming it’s not.  Who knows these days?)  No idea who the stars are, but I’m really hoping the show is as good in this incarnation as it was a decade ago. 

Because of “Cupid”, I’ve always wanted to write romantic comedy, but I knew going in that nothing I wrote could be half as good.  “Cupid” was Jeremy Piven’s big break in TV (I think he’d only been doing stand-up and bit parts ’til then), and from there he’s turned in some amazing performances.  Ari Gold still blows me away (check out this YouTube clip).  I’m sure the writers of “Entourage” are really good, but that aside, how does he do this? 

I haven’t looked forward to a show this much since “24” came back on the air.  To quote T.O., Get your popcorn ready; it’s gonna be a show!

One thought on “Cupid

  1. i used to love the old Cupid too! A really smart comedy, for a change. i wasn’t able to watch it tonight though, how was it?

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