Exhaustion Will Do That To You

Last night I turned into a snippy, foul-mouthed witch in spite of the fact that I’d just come home from a lovely time at the local autism support group. 

I knew it was the first of the month AND the end of the quarter, so I was prepared for the day at work to be crazy.  I was so prepared for it that I got ahead of myself and made sure everything I had to do was spot-on before my manager laid eyes on it.  By 10 I was in shock, thinking I might be ahead of the 8-ball for a change.  Wwhen the 12 noon deadline came, I got the final entry for my accrual, from the India office.  Unfortunately the analyst I usually work with was “on holiday” yesterday and today—how did she get the time off?  If I’d asked for a day off at quarter close, I’d hear the laughter from across the parking lot—and her replacement had no idea of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  He insisted a 3-year prepaid contract could be accrued for the entire 3-year period and not for just the 6 months from the start date to the end of the quarter.  (It’s called “recognized or earned revenue.”)  I was more than just a little perturbed, and it took some doing but I managed to correct his way of thinking.  It also meant I had to double-check his numbers, which put me back behind the 8-ball again.  It also put me in an upstairs manager’s bad graces because I had to go home to get Ryan.  Apparently we’re not supposed to have lives at quarter close. 

I went home, got the boys, and fixed the lingering problems, then got my stuff together for the support group meeting.  Mind you, I got up at 5:30, worked through lunch to 2:30, got home at 3:15 and finished work at around 5.  By 5:30 I was on the road to the meeting and potluck dinner to celebrate the group leader, who’s moving at the end of the month.  (We’ll miss you, Cindi!)  We cleaned up afterward and put everything away and headed up to the meeting but by 8, my eyes were itching and I could barely sit upright.  (Not a great idea that I wound up with the rocking chair.  Zzzzz…)  I collected Alex and went home, only to find my manager had emailed questions to me at 6:48, then emailed me again at 7:12 asking a co-worker to fix things on the accrual “since I haven’t heard from you”.

John watched me go from cheerful but tired to snarling and nasty in a split-second.  He even ducked out of the kitchen. 

I managed to calm myself down (and this morning I withdrew the nastygram I mailed him last night), and around 9:20 I went to watch Lost and knit a few rows.  By 10 my eyes were drifting shut, and I was out cold by 10:30.  I haven’t slept that hard in ages, but that’s what exhaustion will do to you. 

Today’s looking slightly better, but work isn’t letting up.  And to think I still have contest entries to read and judge, but I have next week off and that makes a world of difference.


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