Life is Still Good

Yesterday was a good day.  I got through my appointments (Alex’s IEP got me excited for the possibilities next year!) and came home to this video, which, if you haven’t seen it by now–and I can’t fathom that at this point–you should see it.  Granted, she’s had this talent all along and hidden it for 47 years, but if she can get up on a stage and turn people’s minds around by singing like this, anything is possible.  (Not to mention, I love that song.)

My friend Robin (writing as Hope Ramsay) found out she’s a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  If you haven’t read her entry yet, you want to, believe me, and if you have read it, PLEASE go to the site and leave a comment so she can move on to the next round.  She’s a fantabulous writer and she’s my friend, and I’m thrilled for her!  (Did I also mention she’s a Golden Heart finalist?)

It was Tax Day but we already filed our taxes, so there was no sweat on my brow yesterday!

Then I opened the mail and found my mammogram report came back “normal”.  (What’s “normal” these days?)  Considering I had a biopsy last year that scared the ever-loving cr*p out of me, this is BIG.  On the other hand, I took the entire event and wrote it into a scene in “Worlds Apart”, where Luke is finally able to make contact with Kate while she’s under anesthesia.  Once in a while I go back to read that scene, to remember how scared I was.  Freddie Krueger has nothing on the OR in Montgomery Hospital.  (The staff was wonderful, but there’s nothing like being strapped to a narrow strip of a table in an oversized refrigerator while personal parts of your anatomy are exposed to the world.)

With all that good news behind me, just wait.  If I thought yesterday was a good day, just wait ’til we see what today has in store!