Babies on Board

Good grief, not me!  🙂  I found this on the local news station’s website yesterday and I’ve been addicted ever since.  The Franklin Institute has installed a camera over a pair of nesting red-tail hawks, and I spent half of the afternoon watching.  I assume it’s the mama sitting on the hatchlings while the daddy goes out for food (and he brought back a mouse last night; eww), but when she got up and the two babies poked their fuzzy little heads up, I almost cried for joy.  I did scream to Ryan, “Get down here, now!”  Poor kid, he probably thought he was in trouble. 

I have the site up on my computer again today, and I plan on checking in on them once in a while, hoping for a peek to make sure the hatchlings are doing well.  One could lift its head and demand food, but the other could barely raise its head, though it did move around the nest a little.  It just amazes me how resilient animals can be.  These birds’ ancestors probably nested out in the wild, but these guys managed to make a home for themselves in the heart of Philadelphia.  Gotta love it!



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