Back in Action

I’m back.  The Sheila contest (for my RWA chapter, the Valley Forge Romance Writers; link on the right) ate up the better part of the last month, but we did really well.  The final round has been decided, and the finalist entries are in the hands of some top-notch editors.  I’m looking forward to seeing who wins, because I read a few of the finalist entries (that happens when you read 21 entries) and one or two, I’m pretty sure, will sell before the year is out.  I won’t hint at my favorites, but they’re there and I’m rooting for them.

The last few days have been somewhat trying.  No one’s sick, thankfully, but it’s not fun when you go to your car, all prepared to leave for work, and you find your car was burglarized.  And of all the days, I haven’t left my cell phone in the car in YEARS, but the one night I happened to forget to go get it, that’s the night someone opens my door and helps himself.  That, and my iPod wire was gone, which is somewhat irritating because now I’m at the mercy of whatever’s on the radio, which seems to be mostly commercials. 

I replaced the phone (after shutting off the service, so I don’t get charged for numerous calls to Mexico) with something quite a bit nicer, but I still kinda miss my old red phone.  It was Phillies red, and the new one was out of stock in red so I got plain old silver.  Oh well.  It’s a good phone, and I got a Bluetooth to go with it so I can drive without holding the phone, which is good because the new phone is chrome and heavy.  Maybe I should call the new phone Lining, because there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud. 

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, the theme from Rocky came on my iPod, and it reminded me of all those middle school (IS 61) band concerts when we played it.  It still gives me goosebumps.  We were damn good.  🙂  But it also reminded me that I was 13 or 14 then.  Now Alex is getting a light shadow on his upper lip.  My youngest is 12 and may be growing a mustache.  My innocent, indulgent teenage years are so far behind me that they’re a blur without my glasses on.  Still, I’m tempted to contact Andrew and Robert on Facebook and ask if they remember their parts from when we were in band.  (Andrew played trombone and Robert played drums.  Me, I was 3rd string clarinet and pretty darn bad at it, if I recall correctly.)

I’ve learned a new way to combat the blues.  When I started feeling down in the dumps the other day, at first I started singing to myself, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” but then I continued on with “High Hopes”.  It really does help.  I don’t want that negative energy around me that comes with being depressed.  It’s not productive and it only engenders more negative energy.  If I’m going to bring positive energy to me, I have to think positive. 

So come on, sing along with me.  🙂

Now to go back and WRITE SOMETHING!


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