Runner’s Euphoria

I’ve never been a fan of running.  When I was in high school, Mrs. Ryan made us run around the gym for however long it took for her to finish her coffee and donuts (and trust me, that woman didn’t need donuts, but she could sure give you the stink-eye if YOU didn’t hustle), and it never occurred to her that I was getting red-faced and out of breath because I had asthma.  The official DX didn’t come ’til I’d already graduated, and after that, the meds started, but before that, gym was a really bad way to start a Wednesday morning.

I”ve heard about runner’s euphoria, initially from watching the Robin Williams’ “Live at the Met” act  (my favorite comedian EVER) and otherwise from rumor.   Based on that information is how I know I’ve experienced it myself, firsthand. 

I was stuck on “Gabriel’s Angel” for a while.  I just couldn’t seem to make the story move, but last Sunday night, after picking the boys up in NJ, whining in my head the whole ride home about how my writer friends were succeeding and I was going nowhere, and going home to sink lower into my misery, it finally hit me.  The reason I was going nowhere was because I was on the couch, in front of the TV, crocheting.  It’s, uh, kinda hard to succeed at writing when you’re NOT WRITING.  The only way to make something happen is to get up and make it happen.  So I did.  I got up off the couch, planted my butt in front of my laptop, and went at it.  The only problem was, once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  (Yeah, right; that’s me complaining about having too much to write.)  I’ve probably alienated most of my friends because they kept emailing me last week, and I hardly responded.  Eek!

Between last Sunday night and yesterday afternoon (6/7/09), I wrote upwards of 40K words, so that now the story totals out at over 87K words.  Just a hair over the 80K I planned on, but there’s plenty of editing to do.  “Gabriel’s Angel” is now a completed first draft.  I have two scenes to fill in (they weren’t coming to mind so I wrote myself a note of what I wanted to go there, and I moved on) and I have to “write” Gabe’s four books for him (I have titles and character names but no plots), but I got all the way to a point where I realized, there’s no more story left to write.  The questions are answered, and where I left off is where the characters pick up their lives and move on. 

And hopefully, they “have legs”, as the saying goes.

I love the characters in my previous manuscripts, but Gabe and Liz were SO much fun to write, I don’t think I’ve had a better time writing a story than I did with this one.  They came alive; they talked to me; they made me laugh and cry.  And considering I knew all along what was going to happen, I’d like to believe that’s saying something.

Editing and fleshing out is going to be so much fun with this story.  I hope to have it fully polished and ready to go by the time I’m ready to enter the Golden Heart and pitch it to an editor/agent at the NJ conference in October.  I’m going to discuss it, if anyone asks, at the Long Island luncheon on Friday.  Right now, “Gabriel’s Angel” is very definitely the book of my heart. 

I can’t wait for you to meet them!


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