I Owe You for That, Harry

So here I am at home, testing out the surround sound speakers because we watched “Leatherheads” last night on DVD but at some points we heard a buzz from one of the speakers.  I put the iPod in the dock to test it out.

On top of the TV, next to the iPod dock, is our Harry Kalas autographed baseball.  I remember how much I miss him.  The broadcasts are still excellent–love ya, T-Mac, Sarge, Wheels!–but it’s not quite the same.  It’s never going to be the same.  I miss Harry. 

So when I go to test the iPod, I decide to put on “Bridge over Troubled Waters”, which was the song played when the team and staff carried Harry’s casket to the car.  Still one of the classiest things I’ve ever seen.  I get all teary-eyed, and I look at the baseball, and I touch the case, and I miss him all over again.  I think about how I heard he’d passed, and the radio broadcast that afternoon (which I have favorited on YouTube; it’s there, go look), and I’m about to get all sniffly again.  Then I hear the buzzing in the speaker again, so I figure out what the problem is.  No big deal; just move the speaker a little. 

I’m satisfied, so I pick up my bowl of low-fat chips and get ready to go back to business.  I pick up a chip, ready to eat it, as the song reaches the crescendo, and I pause.  The song ends and the chip is halfway to my mouth when the next song comes on, “Sweet Caroline”.  I almost snort potato chips up my nose, laughing.

Message received.  Thank you, Harry.  🙂


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