I love ya, tomorrow

I’m nervous.  Tomorrow is the Long Island Romance Writers annual Luncheon.  There’s a considerable amount of travel and coordination involved, since most of VFRW is going.  (Plus Laura’s determined to spend the time on the trains teaching me how to knit socks.  Me and DPNs just don’t seem to get along, but she wants to help me overcome that.) 

I had intended to pitch “Gabriel’s Angel”, if anyone asked, but yesterday morning it hit me that the ending needs to change.  Liz has to revert back to who she was, before she fell in love with Gabriel, in order to save him from the student with a crush on him.  (Tracy went over the deep end when she realizes Gabe wants Liz and not her, and she turns into quite a nasty stalker.)  That would make it tie in all nice and neat, but I have a few problems.

A.  I’m already at 87K words.

B.  I have 2 more scenes to add in, which already omplicates problem A.  Add one more scene and this could rival War and Peace for size.

C.  I haven’t got the first clue how to rewrite the scene.  I’m waiting for inspiration to hit me but with the department picnic yesterday (I was on the planning committee; it went really well) and the LI Luncheon tomorrow, my inspiration has flown the coop.

So if I pitch “GA” tomorrow, it’s not ready to go.  I don’t even have the synopsis drafted yet, let alone polished.  I realize that if I do get asked for material, they’re not going to be looking for it in their e-mailboxes on Saturday morning, but still, I want to be prepared, and I’m not.  This is making me slightly neurotic.

But either way, tomorrow will be an excellent learning opportunity–as I told Ryan, “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you want”–and I’ll get to meet some fantastic people (and I’ll blog about it when I get back, but probably not ’til late Saturday because I’ll be on the go all day tomorrow and I may not be able to lift my head from the keyboard tomorrow night), and if nothing else, I will (hopefully) have mastered DPNs and the art of knitting socks.

Great.  I need another addiction in my life.  🙂


One thought on “I love ya, tomorrow

  1. And folks, she did GREAT with the DPNs (double-pointed needles, for you non-kitters) and knitting socks. I was so impressed!! But not surprised, ’cause she can knit (and crochet!) circles around the rest of us mere mortals! 🙂

    (She’s also just loads of fun to run through NY train stations with!)

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