Opportunity Knocks

When you have the chance to say something nice to someone, do it.  You never know how much that other person needs to hear what you’re thinking.  (Think of “Pay It Forward”, or that Liberty Mutual commercial where someone watches an act of kindness and then does the same when he/she gets the chance.) 

Laura talked me into emailing a Sheila contestant whose entry I’d really liked.  I mean, really liked.  It was excellent, and by far my favorite of the 21 entries I read.  The voice was sharp, the language was concise and compact, the pace was quick and smooth and it flowed.  In short, she writes like I wish I could write.

As it turned out, the author had recently received 2 rejections that cut to the quick.  (Boy do I understand how that feels.)  She was on the verge of burning the MS when she got my email.  She said it made her feel much better, but I’m not sure that compares to how it made me feel to know I’d said something to encourage her, and at just the right time.  She really has a fantastic voice, one that would be an incredible shame to silence.  Very JR Ward-esque. 

If you’re interested, go check out her website.  www.jennstark.com  She’s nothing short of amazing, and trust me, while you may not have heard of 24 Hours to Midnight yet, you will.  You will. 

She posted on this blog yesterday (http://www.nobodywritesitbetter.com/), also.  Great blog, ladies!  Much success in your writing future!


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