Video Inspiration

It was audio inspiration for me this morning.  (Deus ex iPod deja vu.)  I have a “first kiss” scene heating up in my head, and I’m crazy about the two characters involved. 

This morning,  as with most mornings, I cranked up the iPod on the way to work and this came on, and damn, did it make me smile because it fits the moment perfectly.  Gabe is a writer who has some issues with opening up to people, but Liz taps on a nerve he thought he’d hidden well, and he finds himself wanting to get close to her.  Liz is a people person who actually hides herself behind a persona, so while she knows everyone around her really well, no one really knows her.  And along comes Gabe.

Anyway, Bruce said it best.  Loving Liz is a man’s job. 

I can’t wait to see where they go from here!