Random Tuesday

Tuesdays are my least favorite days of the week.  (Friday is my favorite, for obvious reasons.)  Surviving Monday is an accomplishment, but by Tuesday, you’re still only one day closer to Friday, and three more work days looks and feels like frickin’ forever.

Because my two favoritest blog writers (Jennifer Crusie and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) occasionally post “random” blogs, I thought I might do it today.  That, and I need to get back into a regular habit of writing, anything, because one day out of 14 isn’t hacking it for me.   And okay, maybe I enjoyed that “ten things about me” thing a little too much.

That said, here’s my Random blog:

Nothing motivates me better than when I’m completely pissed off.  Triggered by an event, I hit that mark tonight, snarled, and turned around and started writing.  Considering I haven’t focused time and energy on writing in a really long time, it felt wonderful.  A whole lot better than the blahs I experienced earlier in the day.  (No, I’m not going to say what, or rather who, got me to that point.  It would only cause problems.)

I took the boys to the Variety Club Winter Wonderland party on Sunday.  (It’s the Christmas party postponed by the snowstorm we had the weekend before Christmas.)  We had a really good time, and Alex amazed me with his patience, standing in line for WAY too long to get his face painted.  I can’t fault the lady who was doing it because she did a terrific job, but someone needs to remind these people, a) these are autistic kids; they have the patience of a cat when it comes to standing in line, and b) these are autistic kids; they don’t need mini-Rembrandts painted on their cheeks when the artwork is only going to get wiped off when the kid falls asleep in the car on the ride home. 

I surprised myself with my resiliency.  John needed the GPS and the good camera for his trip, so I printed a Mapquest to get me into Center City even though I had no navigator (Ryan refused to do it) and I loaded the old, half-busted Kodak with batteries and prayed the chip would work in my laptop.  I did eventually get to the hotel, despite one effed-up turn (Mapquest thinks there’s an exit for 6th St off the Vine St. Expressway, but the only one I saw was 8th St; next stop, bridge to NJ), but we spent more time trying to find a parking spot.  Let me tell you, coffee + half an hour on the Schuylkill + half an hour driving around Center City on cobblestone streets = “Can you point me toward the restroom?”

 My friend Laura and I are on a resolution not to buy more yarn or patterns for the month of January.  (We made an exception for Ravelry patterns that benefited Haiti relief efforts.)  With just 6 more days to go in the month, temptation is everywhere.  We’ve been good, but it hasn’t been easy.  I suspect we’re both going to stay up on Sunday night and at the stroke of midnight, we’ll hit “send” on all the orders we’ve put on hold. 

For my next trick, I’m going to refuse to allow myself to start any more new projects until I finish half the ones I’ve started.  As a result, last night I was so restless that I worked on 3 different UFOs during the course of the day.  I don’t feel like any of them are that much closer to finished.  Damn.

I downloaded “That Thing You Do” because I heard it on the Muzak at a supermarket during lunch and it reminded me of happier times.  I haven’t listened to it yet.  I set it up to play as I was writing and realized, I can’t listen to this while I’m writing.  The characters will go into a diabetic coma. 

Okay, enough for now.  Back to writing while I’m still pissed off.