The Challenge

Considering I didn’t write more than 2K words for NaNoWriMo, this could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, but as of Friday I’m taking on the Knit Olympics.  (Look for the post on 2/10/10.)  I’m challenging myself to make this sweater:

Of course, I’m not this thin so I’m making a larger size, but still, this sweater represents something.  It’s a chance for me to make something for myself.  Most times the things I make go to someone else, be it a baby gift, an afghan or socks for the boys or John, or a baby blanket for Project Linus.  I don’t remember the last time I made something just for me.  (I’ve tried, and I have a 2nd sock waiting for a heel.)  Even the scrap worsted weight socks I made for myelf wound up going to Alex because his feet were cold and his room was cold and I wasn’t about to let that happen. 

So this is going to be MY sweater.  Given that I’m using Red Heart–the bane of the purist knitter because (gasp!) it’s acrylic–I suspect the finished product will be nothing short of bulletproof, but I chose Buff Fleck for the color so there’ll be a little color in it from the flecks, and the lighter shades will make the cables more noticeable.  Also, using wool for this sweater would entail very specific washing instructions (unless I want a Barbie sweater) and a whole lot more money.  Not that I’m not worth it, but I’m not that high maintenance.  🙂

This does NOT mean I’m putting writing on the back burner.  It just means when the Muse decides to take some time off, I’ll go pick up my needles and work on the sweater.  We plan on watching lots of the Winter Olympics anyway, and the challenge is to start it during the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, and get it done in 17 days when the Closing Ceremonies take place. 

The sad thing is that I started this sweater already, before I knew of the Knitting Olympics.  I was 17 inches into the back panel, and thrilled with my progress, when I realized the color I’d chosen was discontinued years ago.  <BIG sigh here>  Now I get to frog all that yarn–I love my yarn ball winder–and put it into something else.  What, I know not, but I’ll do my best not to cry when I frog it. 

Knitting Olympics, here I come.  It’d be really nice if I get to wear this sweater in the spring…some time when all this blankety-blank snow melts!