I had every intention of blogging on my birthday.  I even had this cool idea that I’d draft it early so I could hit “publish” at the stroke of 9:07 in the morning, which is exactly when I was born.  Sadly, I got distracted and completely forgot until 9:23.  The last minute of my 43rd year came and went, and I missed it.  Probably a lot like the end of my very first minute.  (Hey, I was a minute old; I couldn’t tell time then.  So sue me.)

I woke up feeling great.  When I came downstairs, it got even better because I saw that John hadn’t just gotten me the tiger-striped yarn I asked for (and would be fondling right now if I didn’t need my hands on the keyboard; maybe I’ll just stuff it down my bra, it’s that awesome) but also a pair of those awesome Sketchers sneakers that, with exercise, will make your butt and legs look that much better.  I’m not a name-brand person but I thought that was a fantastic idea so I’d started putting my pennies away to get a pair.  Now I’m not sure what to do with the pennies, but I’m sure I’ll find something.  🙂  That and a cup of coffee, and my day was already looking fabulous.

I go to work and the first words out of my manager’s mouth is a thank-you.  Does it get any better than that?  Of course it does, because a ton of people on Facebook wished me a happy birthday.  Gotta tell ya, I’ve been looking forward to THAT since I signed on for Facebook.  I don’t think the smile came off my face all morning long, especially since I knew we were going for lunch at Applebee’s because they sent me a “Happy Birthday; have an entree on us!” coupon.  I had steak and shrimp.  Life is good.

I mentioned I signed up for the KnitOlympics last week.  Friday night, I came home from dropping the boys in NJ with my ex, and I immediately came home (well, after a stop at the wine store) and waited for the Opening Ceremonies.  And waited.  And waited.  It seems they light the flame at the END of the opening ceremonies, not the beginning.  I sat on the couch, watching the TV like a hawk, needles in one hand, yarn in the other, pattern at my side with the cast-on numbers circled in pencil.  I was READY. 

Having missed the opening ceremonies for Beijing (and still disappointed because the clips I saw were amazing), I can say I loved the Vancouver opening ceremonies.  The opera singer doing the Olympic pledge was breathtaking; the giant light-up bear, the aurora glowing indoors, the performers, the athletes.  Sigh!  Having signed up for the KnitOlympics, I almost felt like a participant myself.  But what truly knocked me on my butt was k.d. lang’s version of  “Hallelujah“.  I’d like to think that even though I don’t participate with any local, organized churches, I’m pretty spiritual in my own right.  I try to teach my kids right from wrong, the importance of charity, and how to be good people.  I want to lead by example, not by telling you your belief system is wrong and mine is the only way.  We’re all created to be different for a very good reason that none of us truly understands.  It’s always good to practice random acts of kindness.  I wear my gold cross and my amethyst heart all the time (except when I’m sleeping, because rolling over on a gold cross is not a pleasant experience).  I feel my faith in my heart every day, and I believe.

k.d. lang’s version of that song transcended belief.  For a moment, listening to her belt that song out with every fiber of her being, I felt a connection I’d never felt before in my life.  It left me in uncontrollable tears, but it was such a wonderful feeling that I didn’t care that I was crying for reasons I couldn’t explain.  It was like being baptized again. 

Yesterday it finally hit me—okay yeah, sometimes I’m slow on the uptake—that iTunes probably has that song available for download, so when I got home, I checked.  Sure enough, there it was.  I put aside everything else and bought it, put it on the iPod, plugged in the headphones, and went to my bliss.  I’m sure lots of people out there are critical of k.d. lang for her lifestyle choices, but let’s face one fact:  the lady has one incredible set of pipes.

So this morning as I drove to work, I played “Hallelujah” back to back to back, just because it felt so good.  Like today was the perfect gift God had in store for me, and it was up to me to share that gift with everybody.  Heck, I could be the next Queen Midas because the lady I walked in with this morning received a dozen long-stem roses later in the day, and my critique partner just sold to a major NY publisher.  Anybody else want to share this great day with me?  🙂 

Before I forget, thank you to my Mom and Dad for bringing me here 43 years ago and putting everything you have into making me who I am.  I know it wasn’t always easy (let’s be honest, I was SO much easier than Pete!), but I hope I make you proud.  I know you make me proud.