Does It Get Any Better?

They say good news comes in threes.  Also tickets and babies.  So far I know of two bits of great news and one happens to be a baby, so let’s see where number three comes from.  (Don’t worry, I’ll be driving the speed limit for the foreseeable future.)

My critique partner, Hope Ramsay, just sold a 4-book series to a major NY publisher!  I’m still over the moon for her because I know how hard she’s worked to get to this point, and she finally made it!  She was very close to hanging up her pen and keyboard when The Call came in, so she’s the very epitome of perseverence.  Yay Hope!  Be on the lookout for the Last Chance series, premiering in Spring 2011.  I’ll bring my copies with me to the next Phillies/Nats game so she can sign it for me at the ballpark. 

This morning my friend (and regular blog commenter) Laura delivered to the world a beautiful baby girl!  Laura’s water broke yesterday and I spent the rest of the day hanging by the computer, waiting for word of progress.  Which she did send.  What a great time we live in when you can actually email from the delivery room.  (I spent close to an hour BSing on the phone while I was in labor with Alex, and my mom and family came to visit while I waited for Ryan to arrive, but emailing wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye yet.  NOW look at me.)  I had a picture of beautiful baby Maelle on my computer an hour after she entered the world, and I’m SO looking forward to the fun stories Laura will tell about her baby girl’s delivery!  Of course, I also have to get my butt in gear finishing up the sweaters I’ve knitted for Maelle, but it’ll happen.  I promise. 

There were some interesting moments during Laura’s pregnancy, and she didn’t always have an easy time of it, but Laura hung in there and did everything she had to do to make sure Maelle arrived safe and sound and healthy.  As they say, she’s just another ordinary miracle.  🙂

Hope sold her series two weeks ago, and Maelle arrived today.  I can only wonder what great things will happen two weeks from now!  Welcome to the world, Maelle!  Oh, the places you’ll go!!