April Fools

I opened the dashboard, not sure what the heck to write about today.  I only knew I need to write here more, so here I am.

My sister played an evilly great April Fools prank yesterday.  She put a pic of her positive EPT on Facebook, and the caption sounded like, “How could this have happened?”  Mind you, she has a gorgeous 2 year old daughter and a handsome 4 month old son, but one more?  Uh…  Needless to say, I was pretty sure our mom had a stroke when she saw that, because I had a minor one myself.  Fortunately she didn’t wait all day to come back with, “Gotcha!”  (The stick was from my niece’s impending arrival.  Who knew those things kept their color for 3 years?)

My former landlord works at the same company I do, and yesterday he called to let me know, “Your rent is way overdue; if I don’t get a check by…”  Fortunately by that point in the afternoon, I was on to him.  Bruce is a really nice guy, probably the best landlord I’ve ever had.  Hands down, he beats the one who butchered a deer on the deck as I was moving out.  What a psycho. 

Then John sent me an email saying, “McNabb has been traded to Buffalo!” and I happy-danced all around my cube because I love D-Mac; he’s a terrific talent and I think he’d be a great fit for the Bills.  Any Syracuse fans in upstate NY would be thrilled to have him playing for the only NFL franchise that actually plays its home games IN New York.  Turns out, that was an April Fools too.  I got played, dammit.  (There’s still hope.)

It got me wondering why I suck at April Fools.  Half the time when I crack a joke, unless it actually has a punchline, people look at me blank-faced because they didn’t realize I was trying to be funny.  I’ve actually scared a few people that way, too.  I’m not the joking around kind, which is odd because I can make people laugh in emails and in my stories, so why is it, face to face, people are scared of me when I try to be funny.  I told an online crochet group that I was born humor-impaired thanks to my ethnicity, but another lady came back saying her father was off-the-boat German and he was the funniest guy she knew.  There went that excuse. 

There’s also my brother, who can whip out a one-liner that’ll put you on the floor, rolling, in mere seconds.  He was always the comedian of the family.  Unless there’s something our mom should be telling us, where’d he get that? 

A duck walks into a bar…


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