This One’s For You

Gonna be a hot one out there today.  We could break records for high temperatures in April.  It’s fine with me.  Way better than looking out at a snow-covered landscape.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, too; it’s pretty in its time, but I’m loving seeing the apple blossoms and cherry blossoms, and the magnolias bloomed last week and their perfume still lingers in the air.  Yup, it’s spring, when this “young” writer’s fancy turns to thoughts of…baseball.  🙂 

This morning on the drive in, I did like I usually do:  turn on the iPod and listen for clues about how the day ahead could be.  Today the theme appeared to be love songs, which was fine with me; I’m still working on the WIP, and even though I’m up to the Big Black Moment, the hero and heroine still love each other deeply.  If they didn’t, they could just walk away, chalk it up to learning experience, and move on.  They won’t, though, because they love each other.  They have a special connection.  As the card my great aunt gave us at our wedding said, “May your love for each other exceed your need for each other.” 

Maybe that’s why I smiled when one song in particular came on.  I don’t listen to it a lot when it does come on; it’s an instrumental, which makes it hard to sing along with while I’m driving.  But this morning I felt like hearing it, letting my soul soak in the essence of its meaning.  It was Clint Black’s “Something That We Do”, and it was the song that played when I walked into the little barn-style picnic area where John and I got married back in August 2003.  For a few minutes it made me feel that same thrill all over again, knowing I was about to commit myself, my life, my heart and soul, to my best friend.  (I could quote the vows we took but I lent the book to a friend who moved to Washington and never returned it.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are.)

John and I go to the same gym but because our schedules are a little off, I usually go before he does.  Sometimes we cross paths, most times we don’t.  A couple of weeks ago, I was on the ARC trainer when I saw his car pull into the parking lot, and I practically jumped off the machine to see where he was.  I remember grinning like a fool because I knew he was coming in and even though we’d seen each other just a few hours before, I’d get to see him again.  It was exactly how I felt when we stood there at the wedding.  Seven years later and the feeling is still the same.  Sure, we argue once in a while (coughcough) but overall, I’m always happy to see him.

A friend of mine told me years ago that the way to know you’ve met The One is, if you’re talking to an attractive someone of the opposite sex and your boyfriend/girlfriend comes along, are you glad he/she showed up or do you wish he/she would go away.  I have yet to wish John hadn’t showed up. 

I caught an old episode of “The Office” last night, when Pam’s parents split up because her father heard Jim talking about how he felt when Pam walked in a room, or the way he knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  Pam said her father realized, he never felt that way about her mother, even at their best, and that was how he knew the relationship was over.  I’ve been there before, but now I’m in Jim’s shoes.  I’m right where I belong.

At this moment, John’s just across the room, toiling away at credit & collections.  It’s reassuring to have him nearby all the time.  We don’t always have a great time at work but we’re always here for each other, no matter what.  (I’ll never forget the first round of layoffs.  My then-boss offered me the use of her office so I could privately cry on John’s shoulder.)  A lot of people think it’s not a great idea to always be so close, that we need a little space now and then.  That’s true, and we do make time for ourselves as individuals too, but it’s always nice when we can come together and be Us. 

As the song goes, “Love’s not just someplace that we fall, it’s something that we do.”  Six-plus years and counting, and I’m still perking up when I hear his voice, and I’m still smiling that smile when he comes around.  I hope you’re this lucky.