Decaf is for Wusses

In honor of tax day, Starbucks is running their “free coffee if you bring in a refillable mug” promotion today, and I went there expecting to find myself at the end of a very long line.  Imagine my surprise when I go straight up to the counter!  Yay!

I was buzzed even before I got there because this morning I put “The End” to Comfort Zone (or whatever it’ll wind up being called; at the moment I’m thinking it could be “Ready or Not” because that seems to be the running theme) so I was already giddy, knowing that I’d spend at least a little while today putting in a few things I forgot and then going back to the beginning and reliving Gabe and Liz’s story all over again.  Yippee!

So I get my coffee.  There are a few options, unfortunately, none of which is mocha (my favorite), but of Bold, Pike, or Decaf, I figured I’d try Bold.  Holy crap is it bold.  I’m practically wired for sound.  I roller skated from my cube to the bathroom, and I’m not wearing skates.  My mind is operating at warp speed right now so it’ll be a while before I’ll let myself go back to the story to do the patching I thought about on the way in.  I’m all too likely to hit the wrong key and watch everything vanish into the ozone.  (Won’t happen; I saved to my flash drive, hard drive, and I emailed a copy to myself.)  The good news is, I can type about 150 words per minute, but none of it is making any sense. 

My boss isn’t coming in.  Fate loves me.

This coffee is REALLY good.  I might split a little early and grab myself another one.  If you’ve seen the mid-to-late 90’s live-action version of “George of the Jungle”, and you know that scene where Brendan Fraser freebases coffee grounds, that’s me right about now.

I am SO going to crash hard some time later this morning.  🙂  But I can honestly say it was fun while it lasted!