Decaf is for Wusses

In honor of tax day, Starbucks is running their “free coffee if you bring in a refillable mug” promotion today, and I went there expecting to find myself at the end of a very long line.  Imagine my surprise when I go straight up to the counter!  Yay!

I was buzzed even before I got there because this morning I put “The End” to Comfort Zone (or whatever it’ll wind up being called; at the moment I’m thinking it could be “Ready or Not” because that seems to be the running theme) so I was already giddy, knowing that I’d spend at least a little while today putting in a few things I forgot and then going back to the beginning and reliving Gabe and Liz’s story all over again.  Yippee!

So I get my coffee.  There are a few options, unfortunately, none of which is mocha (my favorite), but of Bold, Pike, or Decaf, I figured I’d try Bold.  Holy crap is it bold.  I’m practically wired for sound.  I roller skated from my cube to the bathroom, and I’m not wearing skates.  My mind is operating at warp speed right now so it’ll be a while before I’ll let myself go back to the story to do the patching I thought about on the way in.  I’m all too likely to hit the wrong key and watch everything vanish into the ozone.  (Won’t happen; I saved to my flash drive, hard drive, and I emailed a copy to myself.)  The good news is, I can type about 150 words per minute, but none of it is making any sense. 

My boss isn’t coming in.  Fate loves me.

This coffee is REALLY good.  I might split a little early and grab myself another one.  If you’ve seen the mid-to-late 90’s live-action version of “George of the Jungle”, and you know that scene where Brendan Fraser freebases coffee grounds, that’s me right about now.

I am SO going to crash hard some time later this morning.  🙂  But I can honestly say it was fun while it lasted!

4 thoughts on “Decaf is for Wusses

  1. some blends of starbucks definitely deserve a review by the fda, as in you’re practically drinking meth

    1. You know, if that’s what meth feels like, it was SCARY. Somehow I’m still upright but the day isn’t over yet. 🙂 I was thinking of going back, but maybe it’s not such a great idea…

    1. Thanks, Mandy!! I’m pretty psyched, especially since now that the meth…uh, I mean, caffeine has worn off, I could go back to the story and read through the ending. There was a major element I left out of it that I went back and revised, and now I think it works. At least, I hope so. Now I have to go back from the beginning, polish it up, and make sure it all makes sense!

      Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!! Do you need directions? I’ll be at the Plymouth Meeting Mall at 9 for a chapter board meeting. If you’re not sure where you’re going, let me know; I can meet you and we’ll ride up together to the Community Center for the chapter meeting. Do you know what time you’ll be getting here?

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