Why not now?

I’m not in a nice mood, so I apologize in advance.
This morning, I think I’ve received my three thousandth email about, “Remember the good old times?” (We didn’t have fast food. Our parents beat our butts when we got out of hand. We walked to school barefoot, uphill both ways, in three feet of snow, “and we liked it.”) I see them on Facebook too. Do those things drive anybody else batsh*t crazy?
Okay, so I have friends who are a little older than I am, and they enjoy reminiscing about “the good old days”, but what’s so bad about NOW? Very likely, these are the same people who can’t work a VCR, let alone a smart phone. They complain about how computers only make things worse but they forget about all the paper files that took up acres of space (and killed that many more trees). Would they rather go back to rotary dial cell phones, carbon paper, and maxi pads with belts? AGH!
One friend posted a complaint on Facebook about the 99%/Occupy movement, saying, “If I tried to get away with that lazy crap, my dad would’ve pointed out the error of my ways, and if I didn’t straighten out fast, ‘Let the beatings begin!'” But he’s got a 4 year old princess of a daughter now, and I wanted SO badly to ask him, “If you think those beatings were such a great thing, when are you going to start beating on her butt?” I bet he’d get quiet fast.
I’m sorry, but they’re driving me nuts. A constant need to glorify the past means you’re having a tough time dealing with the here and now, in my mind. Personally, right now isn’t a bad place to be, if you ask me. (As if we had a choice, really.) If it weren’t for the internet, they couldn’t pass around all those “why can’t we go back to the good old days” emails, so get with the times, accept that you can’t go back in time, put on your big girl (and boy) panties and deal with it!