Yeah, I know; *that* day is coming up. Woo hoo. As a romance author I should probably put more stock in Valentine’s Day, but I can’t. Why shower someone with “gratuitous” affection one day out of the year and treat them like crap the other 364? It doesn’t come close to making up for it.

As I learned in “Men are from Mars…”, bringing home the bacon is all well and good but in a woman’s mind, it’s one point. Men also get a point for remembering the anniversary or taking out the trash. To a woman it’s not the size of the gesture, it’s the act itself, big or small. (And you really thought size mattered to us.)

I’d much prefer someone ignore V-Day altogether if all the days as a whole are made better. That’s just my philosophy.

I knew someone who gave his wife kiddie Valentines and left them all over the house for her to find. It probably took weeks, but imagine finding one two weeks later and feeling that same rush of awesome all over again?

Another time, he gave the neighbors Valentine’s cards, telling them how much he loved his wife. Nothing like spreading the word, huh? I’m sure people talked about it forever, like I’m still talking about it now.

I say, keep the flowers; empty the dishwasher instead. Loading it wouldn’t hurt, either. Or pick up a pizza, or agree to watch a Ryan Gosling movie, or take the kids out for an hour. Each is one point, but accumulated, it’s greatly appreciated. It’s why a woman in love will often say she doesn’t care how rich they are (foolish girl!), as long as they’re happy. You could work at WalMart but if you came home and gave me a foot rub, I’m yours. The little things really do mean a lot to a woman. One “big” thing (in your eyes) is just one thing in hers.

As for me, this year I plan to buy myself flowers. I deserve them, and I don’t want them from anyone else BUT me.

Next year, though, fair game. Just sayin’.