Moving On

No, I’m not going anywhere. Well, not now. The blog is staying, I’m staying.

RWA called their Golden Heart and Rita awards finalists on Monday. My phone rang, but it was my son’s teacher. Mind you, I was on a conference call for my job at the time, so not only did I throw the headset across my desk (and slap the “mute” button) but my hands shook and my heart raced as I answered the cell phone. I adore my son’s teacher, but in that moment, I could’ve killed him with my bare hands. In the end, he had no way of knowing.

I entered another contest, but didn’t make the next round there either.

Know what? I’ll live. I cried a little, but I didn’t drink myself into a stupor (I had to pick up the oldest from his class trip), and nothing else in my  life slowed down. I still went to the gym, and I came home and made dinner and answered email and did some crocheting and watched TV. (The bright spot in my evening was the contestant on “The Voice” named Carla. Ooooohhh, listening to Adam Levine saying my name over and over and over…! <melty>

Saturday I run my first 5K. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think I’m up to it. I don’t expect to win. I only want to finish without killing myself or injuring others. 🙂

Sure, I’m disappointed about not finaling in two contests, but life goes on. You can’t sit on your hands, waiting for success to come to you.

Me? I’m running toward it.