Opening Day

Sorry I missed Thursday last week, but I was on vacation, visiting family in Florida, and there wasn’t time to get to it. I did think about it, and really, I should’ve set something up from Saturday, after I finished the Phillies 5K. Do a search on Carla and you’ll see I came in 3819 out of 5,000. I’d be prouder of that stat if there weren’t over 1k DNFs and no-shows. 😉 But I did it, and I’m thrilled!

There will definitely be more races in my future. The first mile was tough, but once I got into a rhythm, I could even talk while we ran. The course was great, everything went smoothly, and I had a great time.

The best part was when we turned off Broad Street, onto Phillies Way, and Ann pointed out the yellow pedestrian sign ahead. She said, “When we get to that sign, we’re going to pour on the steam and cross the finish line at a sprint.” I said, “I don’t think I’ve got anything left!” but as we got closer, I saw the clock and realized I might just beat my best time for 3.1 miles. That got me moving, and I kicked it up and ran for the end.

Of course, once I crossed the line, I all but dropped. 🙂 Partly out of gratitude and partly out of exhaustion, but all of me was thrilled to do it. So thrilled that when I saw free tote bags from one of the vendors, I went in that direction instead of taking my victory lap around the field. Dur!!

Definitely next year. Next race: Mud Run!

Thanks, Ann LaBar Russek, for keeping me going!!