Low Tide

It’s been a crazy busy week and I have no idea what to talk about. Well, other than I got a personal response from Phillies management–no, not Charlie–about my post on what happened on Opening Sunday. Nice to know they listen!

Work is nuts, the house is nuts, life is nuts. But hey, I learned how to operate the lawn mower. Not bad for someone who hasn’t used one since she waas 14. The lawn looked pretty good, and I didn’t destroy the blades, either.

I need to finish a knit/crochet project. I have one I want to finish but I’m probably going to run out of yarn first. I wanted to wear this at Maryland Sheep & Wool in 10 days but if I run out of yarn, I’m SOL. Gotta start working on something else, FAST. 🙂

And on that happy note…

PS: I lost 3.8 pounds in a week. Squee!