Everything old…

…is new again, starting today! I realized that my life is under renovation. Clearly my blog is way overdue.

I started with a hair color and cut, which I love. I think it fits my face, which is among the parts of me that have dropped 30 pounds since September 2011.

I took up running. Who the hell knew that would ever happen? Me, as a matter of fact. In my 20’s, I saw an article that said that people who jog regularly are less prone to varicose veins. I told myself when I turned 30, I’d take up running. Well, I’m only 15 years late but I’m doing it, and I’m sorry I didn’t start this before. I’ve run one 5K, I signed up for two more, and I’m hoping if I train for it, I can do 10K’s and 10-milers next year. Maybe in 2014, I could think about a marathon. (Though just the idea makes me question my sanity. I loved the Phillies 5K but 26.2 miles of that? Oh my.)

Anyway, my personal best mile is 13:07 so far, but I aim to shrink that. When I break 10 minutes, I’ll think about that marathon. So far, no varicose veins, either.

I’m also focusing my energy. My BFF, Hope Ramsay, restricts herself to one knitting project at a time. I don’t know how she does it when there are so many awesome places to get patterns, starting with Ravelry. (If you’re not signed on to Rav, you should be. Seriously. It’s social media meets crafts addicts anonymous. Wonderful place to go.) But we went to Maryland Sheep & Wool earlier in the month, and I got more yarn to finish a project I’d started, and there was so much wonderful yarn left that I couldn’t let it go to waste. My other BFF, Laura Graham Booth, suggested I make myself some fingerless mitts, which was a brilliant idea considering that once summer sets in, my office a/c system goes into hyperdrive. Six days from casting on, I had a pair of awesomely lovely mitts.

I’d show you both if I had a third hand to hold the camera. 🙂

Lastly, writing. It’s not easy finding time for it, but I’m still managing. My incredible critique group, The Lalalas, is holding a 100 words/100 days challenge, and the prize is coming from me:  a pair of hand-knitted slippers in the colors of the winner’s choice. I’m thrilled people are really busting their tails to earn them!

I’m working on a new project, and of course, it’s another baseball story. I’m going to post the excerpt once WordPress lets me make some more changes. I adore Remy and Jonah. They’re the most alive characters I’ve ever written. I mean, can’t you see these two getting together? 🙂


Sigh. Anyway, if this is your first time here, Welcome! And if you’ve been here before and you’re wondering WTH happened, Welcome back! I’m glad you’re here!


2 thoughts on “Everything old…

  1. I have a pair of fingerless gloves and I wear them at work ALL THE TIME. I type SO MUCH so I can’t wear regular gloves and my little fingers get so cold!

    and let me tell you – you could make a fortune selling those. I get asked all the time where I got them.

  2. I’m working on a second pair. I think I’m going to keep them at work, just ‘cuz. They’re so gorgeous. Happy Feet in an incredible shade of red. I like red lately. What’s that about? 🙂

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