Only Getting Better

Oops. It’s Thursday, isn’t it? But there’s been so much going on that I lost track of time.

It’s all been good, too. I took the boys to Ocean City, NJ, last weekend and we had THE time of our lives. I honestly think OC is now my favorite shore town. The boardwalk is like Wildwood but not so crazy, and the town itself is WAY easier to navigate than Cape May or Atlantic City. We figured out fast where everything was and how to get there. We had a BLAST at Fishing For Kids–didn’t catch any kids, but we took home two fileted flounders, and yes, this vegetarian ate fish–and met some great people, and we can’t wait to get back!


I’m back to writing again. At least, revising. I’m making changes to All or Nothing that I really like. They incorporate a lot of recent personal experience that, for me, makes the characters really pop. I’m feeling good about it, and it’s not at all like pulling teeth, aka writing fresh stuff. But I’m confident I’ll get there again too.

I’m losing weight. I finally broke the Mendoza line for the first time in years and I feel damn good. Actually, I did it last week, but knowing my plateaus, I waited until I’d been under it for at least 4 different scale readings before I said anything. The last thing I wanted to do was to go bouncing back over it. Disappointment is a b*tch and often sends me running to my buddy, Little Debbie. 🙂

My knee is getting better. I figured out what was screwing it up:  my foot stool where I sit at the laptop at home. When I relax, my left leg tended to slouch off to the side, and apparently it was putting stress on a tendon or ligament in my knee. I stopped doing it two weeks ago and it’s steadily improving, to the point that for National Runner’s Day yesterday, I ran 3.1 miles and marked a personal best: a mile in 13:02. My previous goal was to break a 14 minute mile, so my next goal is to break a 13 minute mile. I’m told that at some point the body hits a point at which you’re not going to do better. I’m interested in finding out where that point is for me. I’m not there yet.

I have my therapist call today and boy, are we going to be on the phone for a while. 🙂 But it’s all good and it’s getting better.


4 thoughts on “Only Getting Better

  1. I have no idea what a Mendoza line is, but I do understand testing it out on four scales! *laugh* And I’m glad your knee is better. Now stop reading your comments and start the training to do that 13-minute mile!

  2. I hesitate to confess this, but the Mendoza line is an imaginary line in baseball. If your batting average is .200 or lower, you’re below the Mendoza line, which is NOT good and means you better get your stuff together so you’re ready when the coach sends you back to the minors. In my case, however, it’s a good thing; it means I weigh less than 200. It was a goal of mine to get back under that point again.

    My last major spurt of weight loss saw me at 178 when I started rebounding for emotional reasons—I still remember stuffing my face with Russell Stover Easter candies—so that’s my next goal. Then I want to get under that. WAY under that. 🙂 Right now I’m shooting for 160. When I get there, I’ll see how I feel. If I want to keep losing, I will. If I want to stay put, I’ll have to find a maintenance plan because I have no recollection of what it’s like to want to stay at the same weight. Usually I’m either depressed and chowing down, or I’m trying to lose. I have no idea what status quo feels like. 🙂

    I think I’m going to take my gym owner’s advice and run daily. Not a lot. I’ll do my warm-ups, weight training, and then run a mile, and once or twice a week, I’ll do 3.1. I’d love to be able to do the Broad Street Run next year but it’s a 10-miler and I’ve never run longer than 4 miles before. The more weight I lose, though, the better I’ll get at it!

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday and today. Yesterday, I went to the New Balance store conveniently located just two doors away from my Weight Watcher meeting. I desperately needed new walking/running shoes and this store gives a 10 percent discount to WW members. I wound up getting a great pair of running shoes and was feeling all sorts of motivated. Today, I went out and ran a mile without stopping. I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that. I’m planning to run Monday to Friday, weekends off. Starting with no more than a mile. So let’s cheer each other on!

    Good for you on your weight loss!!! I’m so proud of you! And I’m so glad to hear the revisions are going well. Your star is on the rise!!

    1. Maura, that’s AWESOME! Way to go, you!! I am SO proud of you!!

      One of these days, we’ll have to get together and go running! How do you feel about 5K’s? Runner’s World has one in October in Bethlehem. I’m scheduled for the Sunday 5K. Wanna come along? 🙂

      You’re rockin’ it, lady!!! Go Maura! Go Maura! Go Maura! 🙂

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