Something Finished

Not a whole lot to report, life-wise, though I’m reminded of the lyrics, “Just surviving is a noble fight.” But I do have this to show off share:

I’m so excited! It’s the second Central Park Hoodie I’ve made, only this time I opted out of the “hoodie” part, for no reason other than, I don’t plan to need the hoodie. My first one was pretty cute too. (Think I can find the picture? Heck no.) It had the hoodie, but it was also 2 sizes too big for me, so when I wore it to Rhinebeck last October, I could’ve smuggled a whole sheep out of the festival under the thing. A live sheep would’ve been spotted on the bus…and promptly sheared and knit into something pretty by the bus full of knitters, but still.

Anyway, back on track. This CPH is a little shorter than I usually prefer, but I’ll adapt. It’s warm and toasty and soft and finished. I’m SO thrilled that the seaming class I took at Slip Knot stayed with me (though I haven’t seamed anything in 6 months). Even the sleeve seams are perfect. (IMO; your expertise may vary.)

Next up, I’m finishing the knitties I promised my critique group as prizes for completing the 100 Words/100 Days challenge. That should be done today. After that, I’m on my own (cough-ColorAffection-cough) until the 27th when the “Ravellenic Games” (fka the Ravelympics) starts. The moment the flame hits the cauldron, my needles start on Campfire Socks. The challenge there is to complete a project during the course of the Olympic games. For me, this is no small feat, as I’m prone to major bouts with Second-Sock-itis. I’m always excited to start the first sock, but bored to tears knitting its mate. But I really want these socks; I’ve used the pattern before and it’s simple without being boring, and interesting without being complicated; and the yarn has been in my stash for maybe 3 years, knitted and frogged because nothing seems to be quite the perfect project for it. If this doesn’t work out…?

But it will, and I’ll post pics when they’re done.