Thank you, Shriners Hospital!

A moment of gratitude here. On Tuesday, Ryan had his annual checkup at Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia.

I can never say enough wonderful things about Shriners. They’ve been wonderful to us. If you need a definition of serendipity, my grandfather was a Shriner. He worked for their charities for all those years, never once knowing his great-grandson would be treated there.

Ryan being 17 now, he’s been treated there for the past 13 years. It was one of my two biggest fears that he’d age out and we’d have to find another caregiver. My other fear was that Ryan would need further corrective surgery for the hip dysplasia he was born with.

Good news on both fronts! No surgery, and because Ryan’s a long-term patient, the doctor will try to keep him under their care ’til he’s 21. I drove home so relieved, I could’ve flown!

Thanks to my new smart phone, I could document our trip there. (I know my memory lately; I forget everything.)

Waiting in the lobby; guess the school’s summer reading selection didn’t tickle his fancy.
Smiling a little more in the waiting area at the Clinic
Ryan with Kris, the wonderful nurse who’s taken care of us since day one!
Ryan with Dr. Davidson! You can’t find a cooler (or better) pediatric orthopedist anywhere!

Heading home with the good news!

 I don’t want to think where we’d be without Shriners. Thank you!!