Signs 2012

I’m often looking for signs. Not street signs, though I do have to say, Pennsylvania is known for thinking street signs are superfluous. I took the boys to Dorney Park on Monday and got lost because the GPS thought the park entrance was where the employees go in. I then tried to double-back to find the way in, and at one point I stopped at a four-way intersection with not a single street sign. More than once I’ve been well on my way to Harrisburg before I realized, I missed the exit on 78 to get me back to the PA Turnpike. (It’s Exit 53 but it doesn’t say “turnpike” on it.) Gah.

But I digress. Signs. A friend recently lost her mother, and she asked for a sign from her mom that she was okay. She got her sign when she found her mother’s eyeglasses that she thought she’d mistakenly thrown out.

I often look for signs in music, like if the next song I hear (on the radio, on the iPod, in the store) means something to me. You’ve heard of my “ghost in the machine”, Luke, who was a character I wrote; a ghost who could only communicate to his still-living soul mate via her iPod. (He steered the thing into playing “their song”, which made her think of him and their time together.)

That hasn’t happened in a while, and thinking of my friend—and feeling a little blue for other reasons—I asked for a sign that things would turn around. I mean, things are good for me right now overall. I have what I need, in general, but there’s something I want, something missing, something I think I’m ready for, and it’s not here. Take a wild guess. 😉

So I put that wish out there, and I went on with my day, getting work done, running errands with Alex ($15 in used VHS tapes later…), having fun and keeping busy. I went to the gym, made my fat cry, and came home to make dinner when the phone rang. Thinking it was some political group begging for money, I was ready to give them what-for when it turned out to be the Red Cross, asking me to sign up for a donation. I just gave in June and I didn’t think I was up to 56 days yet so I politely declined, but after I hung up the phone, I thought, “Dummy! What if that was the sign? What if, at a donation event NOT at the office, that’s where I’m going to find what I’m looking for?”

After dinner, I went online and signed up for the donation event the caller suggested. It’s not far away, and it’s on Labor Day, and even if I don’t get what I wanted, I’m doing something good. I’ll let you know what happens. 🙂

We had a blast at Dorney, by the way. I love when the boys have a great time.