Letting Go

It’s not easy, letting go. Quite a few friends of mine have spent the last week letting go of kids who’re going off to start college. Just the idea puts a knot in my stomach the size of Rhode Island, because I have one more year before Ryan follows suit. It makes me want to take this year and bottle it so it can’t go anywhere. I don’t want to let a minute out of my sight.

Insert Suzy Bogguss song here. 🙂 And pass the tissues, please. I watched the video and lost it completely, but that’s just me.

But right now I’m thinking of a different letting go. Recently I figured out that if I stop worrying about what might happen and what might go wrong, things flow a whole lot easier, and more often than not, I get what I wanted in the first place.

I had a long explanation in mind, complete with parables, but then I saw this and, as usual, a picture is worth a thousand words:


Maybe I should’ve been a photographer. 🙂