Begin Again

No, not the blog. I’ve been doing this for too long.

I’ve been excusing my lack of weight loss progress over the last four months, saying it’s hard to lose weight in the winter. Our bodies are still under the impression we’re cave people who need to hold onto as much weight as possible in order to survive the colder months. It’s the only thing that makes sense, considering I’ve spent most of the winter in the gym, working my tail off and getting nowhere. Sure, I snacked now and then, but to bounce around the same 5 pounds for 4 months? Aggravating, to say the least.

But winter is almost over, so I plan on seeing some success again soon. More than that, I have a reason to get back to working my tail off:

I was chosen in the Broad Street Run registration lottery! 🙂

I still can’t believe it. I’m SO excited! This was the goal I set for myself last year, when I was still a newbie runner. I’d just seen the news reports of the Broad Street Run and I told myself, “I want that.”

Now, I’ve heard the BSR can be a little crazy. There are 25K runners there, and Broad Street isn’t all *that* broad. I still wanted it.

This year they announced that because of overwhelming demand, registration would be by lottery. I’m never usually one for games of chance, but I didn’t hesitate with this one. I wanted in like I wanted my next breath.

Selected runners would be notified on the 18th. It being the day after my birthday, I figured I stood a good chance. A late birthday present, right? Except I had so much fun on Sunday that I forgot about the notifications. I got up on Monday morning, checked my email, and immediately thought someone had gotten into my credit card (again). Who the heck is this, and why are they sending me a receipt for…

Oh. My. God. I’m in. (Who needs coffee when that’s how you start your day?)

So now I’m training, hard. Yesterday I planned on 3 miles but ran 4, just because it felt so good. I did “quarters” (changing the speed every quarter mile), but instead of dipping down to 4 mph, I kept hitting the “up” button on the speed. My goal for the Phillies 5k, next month, is a 10 minute mile. That was my goal last year, before I had any idea how hard it is to run a 10 minute mile when you’ve never run a race before. I still finished with a (then) PR, and have done successively better since. Can I average a 10 minute mile in a 10 mile race? <gasp> We shall see.

I had to share this article I found during the week. Clearly it proves that I’m a double junkie, since I’m addicted to both knitting/crocheting/yarn play *and* running. Hey, I’m no dummy. 😉

Can Knitting Give you a Runner’s High?


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