Begin Again

Okay, time to skip the angst crap and start thinking positive. Name it to claim it, right? No time like the present. (I knew all those Readers Digest quotes would come in handy some day.)

The divorce is final and I’m single again. We’re staying friends, though, and it’s not a bad thing. He has a lot more going on in his life, and sometimes I’m a little jealous, but it’s not all great so that, I’m not jealous about.

My time is my own. Well, outside of work and the boys, it is. Right now I’m on vacation and I’ve been doing things I either don’t usually do or never did before. Saturday I ran 6 miles without stopping. Forrest Gump would’ve passed me, but I didn’t stop and he did, so neener2. Sunday we went to the PA Renaissance Faire and had an amazing time. Monday I finished the rose filet wrap I’d been working on.

Now, the wrap is a little something different. I think of it as my Field of Dreams project: crochet it, and HE will come. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) My plan is to wear it on a first date. I just need someone to ask me, and I’m ready.

The latest project is moving along slowly but moving. I’ve quoted Twain before, “I can live for two weeks on a compliment.” Someone told me they love my voice (God love you, Lynn Kellan) and it inspired me to keep going, that maybe I’m not a crappy writer after all. That, and my victim impact statement moved the juvenile court judge to impose a harsher sentence on the younger of the two individuals who broke into my house on July 1st. Not the best experience of my life, but knowing my writing made someone think? Yeah, that made me feel better.

I’ll feel even better when I get my infamous Phillies bag back. Sad as it sounds, when everyone else finished their races and went off to find their loved ones, I went off to find my bag. My bag was what waited for me to finish the run and go home. It upset me when I saw the laptop and cell phone were gone, but it broke my heart to realize a week later that the bag was gone. I’m told it was recovered. I almost jumped off the courtroom bench when I saw the photo.

I see much better times ahead. I have my new lucky earrings, courtesy of the RenFaire (silver Celtic knots, exactly what I wanted!), and I’ve paid off a bill I dreaded. I see some money I’m owed coming in soon, and from here on it’s all fair winds and following seas.


One thought on “Begin Again

  1. I’m so glad you’re getting your bag back!! I’ve been loving the pics you’ve posted on FB of the faire. It looks like so much fun!

    I’m glad the divorce is final and that you’ve maintained a decent relationship with the ex. Life is too short to hang on to anger, especially when there are children involved. I know that can’t always be easy, and it is yet another reason that proves what a wonderful person you are.

    And MAJOR congrats on the six miles. WOO HOO!!! So proud of you! 🙂

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