I forget when last week, but at some point the thought occurred to me:  I hope something nice happens. Something relatively okay must’ve happened after that (some days, I count getting where I’m going in one piece as “good enough”) because I didn’t give it another thought. It happens.

Monday morning I was driving to work when I wondered when the Beacon Contest (sponsored by First Coast Romance Writers) announced its finalists. I assumed since I’d just sent them my judged entries at the deadline on the 10th, probably not ’til later in the month. I’ve been a contest coordinator and it takes marathon strength and determination to organize all the incoming judged entries. I turned the corner and didn’t give it another thought…

…until I was home and the phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but I took it anyway. Sometimes my son’s teacher calls from his cell, and I didn’t put him in my Contacts list yet.

I finaled in the Beacon contest! “Goodbye to Love” (excerpt to the right) is a Single Title Finalist!

Maybe it’s a good story, and maybe this is an example of good things happening to good people. (Hey, I’ve been trying!) Whatever the reason, I’m just thrilled!

Of course, I’m also busy. I’m training for the half on Sunday and I worked on story revisions last night. I haven’t touched yarn in two days. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t doze off standing up at some point today. But it’s all good. Rest is for wusses, and after watching Toy Story of Terror last night, my new mantra is, “Combat Carla doesn’t give up. Combat Carla finds a way!” (God love you, Carl Weathers. I crushed on Combat Carl the minute he opened his mouth.)