Day 217: Building Up

My running addiction is hitting a fever pitch. The weather is right for running outside, and I’m on my last day of vacation. I want to try out the Schuylkill River Trail; it runs from Philadelphia to Pottstown, so that would give me plenty of space for long practice runs. But I’ve never tried it before and I’m a little nervous about going alone. The park is good too, but I go there all the time. I need a new view.

The Boston Marathon is tomorrow, and that’s adding to it. I’m seeing photos on Facebook of the race expo and the finish line and the teams, and all the excitement. I even saw pics of someone I know who got engaged in Boston last night. (I’m SO happy for her!!) It’s got me thinking I want to be a part of that.

Five years ago if someone suggested I go for a run, I’d have laughed. A year ago you never would’ve heard the words “I can” and “marathon” in the same sentence. Now look at me: I have four half marathons under my belt (or, really, hanging from the curtain rod in my room) and I’m signed up for the Philly Marathon. Today I Googled the qualifying times for Boston. If I waited ’til I turn 50, I’d need a 4:00 marathon time to qualify. Wanna hear crazy? My first thought was, “I can do that.”

Seriously, I said that. It would take a 9:16 mile, but I almost did that for the first mile at the Love Run, with Michelle running next to me. Then she took off and I went back to my comfort zone. But give me three years and some training and marathon experience, and I might just make it happen. Either that or the $4k fundraising requirement for the Doug Flutie Foundation. That might be more challenging than a consistent 9 minute mile. 😉

Yesterday I walked 6.2 miles, and it was tough. I think it was 6.2 miles; I’m not entirely certain. I did a 5k with a friend who’s never run a race before, but it was a “fun run” (not timed) so I walked it with her, though I did also keep a pretty quick pace. We did NOT stroll. I don’t think she believed she could do all 3 miles—she has a thyroid condition—but not only did she do it but we had a great time! I can recommend Run or Dye highly. 🙂 (I do have to have some words with the organizers, though, to please ask that they have freelance vendors NOT block the finish line. NO, I don’t want your overpriced pretzel, water or Gatorade.) She was so excited to have done it that she’s already looking forward to the next race, next month. Way to go, Karen!!

After that, I came home, cleaned up, and took Alex to the Impact Store, his favorite place on earth (maybe even more so than Disney, though we haven’t been there since he was 4). I told him we’d walk it together so that if the time came that he wanted to go alone, he’d know how to get there. It wasn’t an easy walk, let me tell you. The way there was mostly uphill, but he wasn’t to be deterred; he was going, no matter what. It took half an hour, and we probably shopped for most of an hour. I warned him not to pick out too many videos because we’d have to carry them home, but he did fill his bag (and put a few in the bag I picked out), as well as a VHS/DVD combo set. He carried it all without complaint, though I did offer to take the video bag for him; I know the unit was not a light thing. You should’ve heard his excitement when he hooked the thing up in his room and called down, “Mom, guess what? It WORKS!” So now he can watch DVDs and VHS tapes in the same unit. That’s one happy kid, made just a little prouder because he walked to the store AND installed the machine himself.

Happy Easter, all! Whether you celebrate or not, remember that it’s all about new beginnings.