Day 206: Forever Philadelphia

Broad Street is a few days away and I started to get panicky because I hadn’t gotten the email with my bib number yet. A few friends had posted their numbers and I thought, “Oh crap. Did something get mixed up? Did I not read the email right? What if I’m NOT registered?” So after the three millionth time hitting “refresh” on my email, I went to the BSR website, where I found the confirmation link to get your bib number.

Afterward, it made more sense to me. Forty thousand people are running this thing. Of course they’re not sending out emails. Do-it-yourself, babe. Duh!

So I got the number, breathed easier, and went to the gym feeling much better. I even ran into a friend at the store. She said, “You look great!” and I said, “I *feel* great!” and I’ve been thinking since yesterday how much I truly believe that. Inside and out, I’ve never felt better.

This morning I’m prepping for the trek back to the Philadelphia Convention Center. I’m taking Ryan with me and we’re having lunch at Reading Terminal Market, as much because the food at the German butcher shop is so good as because it means I only pay $4 for parking. (I’m still my father’s daughter.) 🙂

I was making breakfast this morning when I pondered my number. I knew there was a 3 and a 65 and a 7–who doesn’t like a little added luck going with them?–and one more number, but I wasn’t certain of the order, so I went back to my registration notice (printed to show at the expo so they give me my pack) to see what I’d written down. As it turns out, my number is Forever Philadelphia: 36576. 365, for the days in the year; 76 for 1776, or I-76 leading into the city (which I’ll be driving today). I *love* this!

I’ve been singing “Philadelphia Freedom” since I got here. It’s going front-and-center on my playlist for Sunday, and I bet it makes me run faster!